Combo Ticket

$37.99 (Tax Included)

*This season, only combo tickets will be available


Timed Ticketing

Tickets will be sold in 30 minute time slots. Please review how our timed ticketing works  below prior to your visit

Select the date to purchase your tickets

october, 2020

Select the date to purchase your tickets

october, 2020


12pm – 5pm Saturdays, Sundays and Columbus day features a lights-on walk through of the haunt and haunted corn trail with no actors inside.


The Schmitts Farm Haunt comes alive at 7pm featuring both the haunt and the haunted corn trail. Both attractions include live actors, animatronics and plenty of surprises to scare even the most seasoned haunt fan.

Lights Out Lantern Night

On select nights, the lights in the haunt are turned out and guests must navigate the rooms with only a tiny lantern to guide their group.


In order to prevent overcrowding, timed ticketing is being implemented. Please read through how timed ticketing works prior to your visit.

How It Works:

Each night will be broken into 30 minute time slots with limited numbers of tickets sold per time slot. We highly recommend that you purchase your tickets online prior to arriving at the farm to ensure there is availability at your desired time. Time slots that are sold out will be indicated online to help you plan your visit. Limited on site tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis and available time slots may be later in the evening than your arrival time.


We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your time slot in order to ensure you have plenty of time to go through security and redeem your online tickets or purchase your tickets. Once you have redeemed or purchased tickets you will be directed to the standby cue where you will be staged until your time slot is called upon to enter the attraction cue.

You may arrive at any time during your 30 minute time slot and will be sent directly to the attraction cue once you have redeemed or purchased your tickets.

If you arrive prior to 15 minutes before your time slot you will be asked to wait outside the premises until that time.

What if I am late and miss my time slot?

If you miss your time slot you may transfer your tickets to another night free of charge (if there is availability on your desired reschedule date.) Please contact support to transfer your tickets.


If you would like to attend the same night and there are available time slots you may change your tickets for a service charge of $5 per ticket. Due to limited spots this year this policy is in order to ensure every guest gets fair access to join us.


There will be no refunds for missing your time slot. If you do not contact support to reschedule and or if there are no available reschedule dates that work for you, you will not be entitled to reusing your tickets.