The Haunt

The 10,000 sqft Haunt is Long Island’s premier haunted attraction. Featuring 7 sections of terrifying movie quality sets and monsters. You will experience everything from darkness, clowns, hillbillies, demons and more! Every season The Haunt is completely rebuilt from the ground up. All new for 2022 – The Haunt features more scenes than ever before!

The Haunted Corn Trail

The 1 acre Haunted Corn Trail is the ONLY Haunted Corn Trail on Long Island. Come experience the sheer terror of the corn brustling in the wind and your greatest fears lurking in the distance. Every season the trail is completely rebuilt from the ground up. All new for 2022 – The Haunted Corn Trail has been expanded to include a brand new 3D experience.


Axe Throwing

Sling some axes in our axe throwing cages! Can you get a bullseye?

Zombie Brains

That zombie is missing a brain! In this carnival style game you try to get the brain back in the zombie’s head.


hungry after a night of screaming? We have you covered. Grab yourself a hot dog, some nachos or more from our concession stand.

Special Events

Lights Out Lantern Night

Lights out Lantern Night is when the lights of the haunt are turned off and each group is given a tiny lantern to light their way through the darkness. This is a truly unique way to experience the haunt!

Celebrity Slasher Lights Out Night

The lights in the haunt are turned out and guests must navigate the rooms with only a tiny lantern to guide their group. Your favorite slashers and ghouls await you in the dark!

Clown Takeover Night

CLOWNS! Clowns everywhere. If you are terrified of clowns this is an evening you DO NOT want to miss.