Haunted Mansion


Haunted Corn Trail


The haunt came to life in 1994 when the Schmitt brothers, Bill and Ferd, had a brand new, greenhouse that was empty after the flower growing season in the spring. They wanted to come up with some way to utilize the space in October, rather than letting their brand new building go to waste. They decided that they would try haunting unaware of the passion that their first experiment would bring out in them.


They spent the entire late summer building their first haunted house in their dusty green house. They hired a few actors and soon October came around. The first haunt was so successful they decided to do it again the following season.

Joey outside with a group 2011. Courtesy of
old facade of the Haunted Mansion. Image courtesy of

After the success of yet another season and with a newfound passion to scare Bill and Ferd decided to build a large barn and take their haunt to the next level, where it is permanently.


For the past 23 years the Schmitts Farm Haunted House has been a staple of the community and a must attend attraction come October. Every year The Schmitt brothers push the envelope of what’s possible to they can create the best experience possible for their guests.  From Bill’s own words:

We always want it to be fun for our guests. It’s a challenge to keep it fresh and exciting year after year but it’s one of our core beliefs that each year should feel like a brand new experience. We owe it to our loyal group of employees and guests who make up our haunt family. They come back year after year trusting us to make the next year better than the last. Each year we attend the industry leading trade show to get the latest props and spend the summer designing new rooms and characters. I can’t wait to have you down this season. – Bill Schmitt