Sophia Valner, daughter of Dr. Edward Valner, was the epitome of perfection from childhood. She was always reveled as one of the smartest children in class- most likely because of her father’s own intelligence. He taught her that though she was beautiful, her academics would carry her through her life and create success for her later on…

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She won the hearts of everyone she met: friends, teachers, and her family. Coming from two parents that loved her so dearly, it was a shock to her system when her mother was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 12 years old.

When she passed away, Sophia threw herself into perfecting her relationship with her father. She gave up most of her friendships to be with him whenever she could, for her sake and for his. In order to feel content in herself, she needed to feel that she was providing for him the way that he provided for her.

That was why she supported his choice to become an artist and give up plastic surgery. She knew that she would be able to help him, but was also aware that if his new-found obsession ever got out to the world, she could lose him forever. She kept the secret of his practice for years.

When she turned 18, she asked him for a gift for her birthday. Sophia looked at herself in the mirror and was constantly stricken with a feeling of intense grief; she saw so much of her mother in herself, particularly the lower half of her face. Her jaw, the shape of her mouth- she couldn’t stand to see it. Because of this, Sophia asked her father to make her into a work of art the way he did for so many others.

He was so proud to work on his daughter, sculpting her to remove the exact aspects that haunted her.

Once the surgery was done, Sophia finally felt perfect. However, she realized that she would no longer be able to go out into the world without her father’s hobby being discovered. From that day on, she promised him that she would be the one to keep watch over the one place his art would try to escape: the corn field outside of the mansion.

Wielding a weed whacker as a weapon, Sophia annihilates those that try to escape. Should you find yourself in the cornfield, listen for the familiar sound of the engine revving, and run for your life. Sophia will not be far behind.


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Benjamin was a businessman who had bounced from job to job in his early adolescence, finally finding success in a vehicle financing firm. The job was by no means a success on his part- it fell into his lap and he just happened to be good at it…

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It was a good job for him, allowing him to travel the country to meet clients. He just appreciated the paycheck at the end of the week.

Benjamin spent most of his life struggling, his family bartering for food. Once he nailed this job, he finally had the means to afford his own place (a tiny studio apartment on Long Island), his first brand new car, and he had just come out of a relationship that he felt “didn’t allow him to grow”.

He reached a point when he realized that he wanted to get a little pick-me-up. Overall, he was content with his appearance, but he figured if he could save the funds up, he could get the rhinoplasty he always wanted. Unfortunately, the pricing for the surgeon he had always dreamt of using was just not doable.

He stumbled across Dr. Valner in an ad in the newspaper. He recognized the name and decided to take the plunge and give him a call. They discussed Benjamin’s vision, Benjamin told him about his previous struggles and how he had started his life over, and the doctor seemed a little bit more than pleased that he lived on his own. They scheduled to meet.

“If you’d like, we can operate today,” Dr. Valner had told him.

“Oh, no, that’s okay, I wanted to meet you in person first. Can we schedule-” Before Benjamin could finish his thought, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It looked like a man, but his face…there was something wrong with his face…

Valner sensed his discomfort and smiled. He nodded and walked Benjamin to the door. He reached for the knob; that was when Valner covered his face with a wet cloth.

Benjamin awoke in a cell, in pain, his face badly burnt. Valner walked by, smirking as he passed.

“You saw too much; but you’ll make a good canvas!”

Benjamin made it out just once, but the mansion was on too much land. He couldn’t run for the cornfield, but he saw a disabled vehicle on the property, with a man checking a flat tire. Maybe this was his chance.

He brought the man to Valner. “His freedom for mine.” He now spends his life in the mansion bartering the lives of all he can for his own; sadly for Benjamin, the doctor does not negotiate.


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He had been working for Dr. Valner for years, taking care of both the inside and outside of the house while the family was out. He didn’t have a family of his own, so being this close to such a tight-knit unit was a breath of fresh air…

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When Valner’s wife got sick, he decided that it was his responsibility to make sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible. Taking care of the exterior of the mansion and the grounds surrounding it was his job for years, maintaining the plants and cornfield was his specialty, but he began dusting, cooking, and cleaning wherever possible in order for the family to be together every moment they could.

After Mrs. Valner passed away, he noticed a change in the doctor and Sophia. The two of them were so stricken with grief that Dr. Valner left his practice to stay home. Sophia was always in her room, and was so far from the social girl he had come to know throughout all of the years he worked for them.

Suddenly, one day, Dr. Valner approached him and told him that he would be just a groundskeeper from now on, and would not be allowed in the house. “It just isn’t needed.”

Perhaps he truly got so busy that he couldn’t have someone else in the house. Or maybe he wasn’t busy enough, and wanted to take on cleaning himself to pass the time. So many thoughts went through the groundskeeper’s head, but one thought that haunted him daily: why has he never seen anyone come out?

A peek through the window couldn’t hurt. He certainly was squeamish so he was hoping that he didn’t see a surgery…but there was a window that was open just enough for him to slip through.

He climbed in as silently as he could, and shook his head…rubbed his eyes…was this a dream? All around him, there were surgical tools dirtied with blood and dried plasma. A man sat in the corner chained to a chair, his face no longer human, but…was that…a clown?

He covered his mouth and backed towards the window. What he didn’t realize: in his shock and terror, Dr. Valner had walked in.


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World-renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Valner, graduated college at the top of his class, and joined a prestigious practice based out of New York City almost immediately after. He specialized in rhinoplasties and blepharoplasties, focusing on some of the most pivotal features of the human face. He adored the moment when he would remove a patient’s bandages and see their elated reactions. He was truly brilliant at what he did…

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He worked in that practice for 30 years, and in those 30 years, he reached every goal he could have possibly dreamt of. He settled down in a mansion on Long Island with his wife, and they had a daughter, Sophia.

But 30 years is a long time in a profession- he began to grow bored of the same surgeries and the same after-pictures. He had always loved art, and wished that within his profession, he could create something that the world had never seen.

When Sophia was just 12 years old, Valner’s wife was diagnosed with colon cancer. She
passed away shortly after. Following her death, Edward and Sophia were stricken with grief, but knew that they had to focus on strengthening their bond to persevere.

Valner decided to leave the practice in New York City in order to be at home with Sophia when she needed him, and to work on his obsession with abstract art. He was able to convert rooms in the mansion into operating rooms, and working out of his home kept costs down for both him and his clients. Little did those clients know: they weren’t getting exactly what they had paid for.


It started as little things: a little snip here, move some skin there….it wasn’t all of the time-
most of the time, Valner would consult with his patients, review their history, and determine which patients would not be found, as he knew that once he turned them into his own art, they would not be able to leave.


He quickly gained momentum, going from practicing on a handful of patients to over-
anesthetizing everyone that came to him and working on them for days at a time, until they were on the brink of death. He couldn’t get enough of the artwork he was creating- he often compared himself to the modern-day Picasso.

As he created more artwork, he began to create his mansion around them, turning his home into his own personal art gallery where each piece received a room that matched what they had become.

To this day, he invites patients to visit his practice for affordable, quality plastic surgery. The only catch: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case, that’s Dr. Valner.



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