Welcome back to Schmitts Farm Haunt! The health and safety of our guests is our number one priority and as such we have implemented the following safety measures in accordance with CDC, NY State and local guidelines.


*Safety measures are subject to change at any time without notice. Please be sure to review these safety measures prior to your visit to Schmitts Farm Haunt.

If you do not feel well or are currently showing any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 PLEASE STAY HOME.

Timed Ticketing is being implemented to prevent overcrowding. Please see our timed ticketing section for further details.

Timed Ticketing

Everyone, both staff and guests, will be required to wear a face mask prior to entry. Face masks will be required for everyone while inside any area of the premises. This includes the haunted attractions, cue lines, midway, etc.

Both staff and guests will have their temperature checked before entering the premises. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will be denied entry and asked to leave and seek immediate medical attention.

Capacity will be reduced to help prevent overcrowding and to maintain social distancing.


6′ social distancing will be required throughout all areas of the premises. Markings will be made on the ground and on cue lines to assist with social distancing. This includes the ticket windows, concessions, axe throwing, zombie brains game, entry into the haunted attractions etc.

Additional hand sanitizer stations are being brought in and positioned throughout the premises.

Additional signage encouraging social distancing, face masks and sanitizing hands will be placed at entrances and throughout the premises.

Upon entering the haunted attractions, groups will only consist of only members of your party. You will not be grouped with another party. However, we will still be limiting the maximum group size to no more than 6 people. Larger groups will be asked to split into smaller groups prior to entry.

To help maintain social distancing between groups while inside the attractions, we are increasing the amount of time between entry. Staff will also assist as needed.

Actors will maintain their distance as best as is reasonably possible and will not touch guests inside the attractions or on the cue lines.

Cleaning personnel will routinely clean and sanitize commonly used and touched areas throughout premises including porta-johns.

*Schmitts Farm Haunt maintains the right to deny anyone entry to the premises for any reason and no refund will be provided. Schmitts Farm Haunt maintains the right to remove anyone from the premises at their discretion and without a refund.


Actor masks, costumes and props will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized nightly and actors will not exchange any of these items with other actors for the duration of the season.

The makeup trailer will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized nightly. Actor Makeup will be done with only one actor allowed inside at a time in order to ensure social distancing and safety. Make up artists will use best practices in order to ensure actor safety like using alcohol based products etc.